Sentinel Travel Oracle




Sentinel Travel Oracle

Student Sentinel members have access to the Sentinel Travel Oracle app, an invaluable safety companion for international students.  Developed in conjunction with leading health and security experts and available on Android and IOS, it provides instant access to critical insight and support before and during an international student’s trip abroad.

Sentinel Travel Oracle’s direct link to a dedicated team of medical, security and travel assistance experts means that advice and care is just a tap of a button away, and an award-winning e-learning course ensures students are aware of the steps they need to take to protect their own safety whilst abroad.

Travel Oracle is an essential technology for international students.

Students Can

  • receive breaking news alerts using location-aware push notifications
  • manage a country watchlist to receive alerts for specific destinations
  • access travel safety and security information for over 200 countries worldwide
  • share live location via easy tracking activation
  • manually confirm their location via the “Check-in” function
  • activate an emergency “Mayday” function in a crisis
  • access advice and assistance from medical, security and travel assistance experts
  • prepare to travel safely with an award winning eLearning module
  • store copies of key documents such as passports, insurance, and travel visas


Our security analysts provide a global incident monitoring service with real-time country alerts and breaking incidents sent directly to your student’s mobile phone or tablet via the Sentinel Travel Oracle app.

Alerts are designed to brief the student on developments occurring in real time in proximity to them, provide an assessment of the situation, and advise the student on how to mitigate their risk of exposure to the incident.  Each alert has a date and time stamp, as well as a corresponding risk rating to represent severity.  All alerts can be viewed on a map.

Alerts are published in real time by our intelligence analysts, who monitor, corroborate, and analyse breaking developments and potential threats as they happen.  Impact radius or geo-fencing can be used to ensure that alerts and notifications are only targeted at students in affected locations, reducing disengagement caused by issuing generic alerts across an entire student population.  University-generated push notifications can also be accommodated, allowing campus-specific risk alerts to also be provided to students.

Country Profiles

Comprehensive background travel and security briefings on over 200 countries provide your students with essential information and advice before they leave home.  This feature arms them with useful local knowledge and informs them of country risks and cultural differences.  Country profiles are particularly valuable for students who visit a stopover destination, like Thailand, before they arrive for university life in Australia.

Country profiles include:

  • archive of recent alerts
  • overview of risk environment detailing primary risks
  • local healthcare information, including vaccination requirements
  • country culture information

Tracking Function

Students can activate ‘location services’ via their smartphone settings which allows Sentinel Travel Oracle to perform continuous sharing of their current location using the phone’s GPS.  Students also have the ability to manually update their location via Sentinel Travel Oracle’s ‘Check-In’ function. 

Sentinel Travel Oracle’s embedded GPS tracking features are particularly useful in case of an emergency, as it allows our Operations Centre to identify students within an affected area, and to guide responders to the student’s last reported location.

Two-way communication in a crisis

If a critical incident occurs, geo-fencing features can be used to rapidly identify all students in the affected area.  Contact is then made via Sentinel Travel Oracle’s integrated communication capabilities to quickly ascertain the safety and wellbeing of each individual student within the affected area.  

Emergency Mayday

An inbuilt ‘Mayday’ function ensures assistance is just a tap of a button away should an emergency occur.  If the ‘Mayday’ is activated, an email alert is automatically sent to designated contacts along with a series of situational photographs, a sound recording and GPS location.  The student is also placed in immediate contact with one of the trained professionals in our 24/7 Operations Centre.

Pre-Trip Advice & E-learning

A powerful combination of pre-travel advice and travel tips covering a range of issues from health advice to accommodation security, plus an award-winning series of security training videos, help to ensure that students are aware of the travel risks, and the safety measures they can take to help protect themselves from harm.

Personal Documents & Profile

Sentinel Travel Oracle also incorporates a secure 50mb storage facility for digitally scanned documents and photographs.  This allows copies of passports and travel visas to be securely saved and quickly produced in the event that the original documents are lost or stolen.