How to Contact Student Parachute

In an emergency

If you’re a Student Parachute member and need immediate help, press the Alert button in CAP Advantage. To use CAP Advantage , you will need:

• a data connection through a mobile or Wi-Fi network
• to activate location settings on your device.

You can also reach us quickly by:

  • Calling our Crisis Response Centre on +1 786 646 9481
  • Sending an SMS to +61 488 840 893
  • Submitting a message via the Member Portal

When you contact us

We can help you as quickly as possible if you have these details ready:

  1. Your Membership number
  2. Your location if you didn’t activate the Alert button in CAP Advantage
  3. A phone number or email address where we can reach you.

General enquiries

Please complete the form below. Also, check our Frequently Asked Questions for further information about membership.