How Student Parachute Works

How Student Parachute Works

A safe landing in a new country

Student Parachute is a geolocation tracking, student protection and evacuation membership. We work by:

  1. Encouraging responsible international study (prepare)
  2. Tracking our members and global events (we’ll look out for you)
  3. Providing 24/7 help if required (safe and sound).


Student Parachute encourages international students to proactively manage their travel risks. The best way to do this is to prepare. As a member, you can use the extensive resources in the Member Portal to get ready for international study and to stay informed while you’re away.

In the Member Portal, you have pre and post-departure access to:

  • destination-based health, safety and travel risk intelligence
  • travel guides
  • city information
  • country risk ratings
  • real-time alerts.

You can access the member portal here

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We'll look out for you

Your membership includes CAP Advantage™, our state-of-the-art geolocation tracking and monitoring technology.

As a member, you will receive:

  • Alerts and updates if a crisis event, such as a terrorist incident or natural disaster, arises or develops close to you. Or you can choose to receive alerts for certain countries.
  • On-demand access to our 24/7 Crisis Response Centre for advice and assistance from specialists in law enforcement, elite military, intelligence and emergency medicine.

Our specialist team can provide you with advice about safety, local laws and help you to deal with government authorities. We can also transmit urgent messages to your consulate, school, family and friends. You can access interpreters, as well as get referrals to local legal and medical specialists. If you lose your passport, travel documents or credit cards, we can assist you to replace them.

Student Defend members also get access to our medical advisory services. We can assist you and your family to understand, monitor and coordinate emergency medical care needs. We can help you coordinate medical bill payments, transport medical supplies and records, and assist with the filing of travel and health insurance claims.

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Safe and Sound

If you are in danger, we will respond rapidly to provide assistance and bring you to safety. You can quickly and easily alert our team 24/7 via a single-touch alert button in CAP Advantage.

This will connect you to over 5,000 proprietary and vetted on-the-ground, multi-lingual, crisis response specialists. They come from diverse backgrounds in law enforcement, elite military, intelligence, medical and healthcare. Once deployed, their job is to bring our members to safety.

In the event of terrorist incidents, natural disasters and pandemics, we can deploy our response teams to assist you to safely shelter in place or to evacuate you by land, sea or air.

If you are the subject of a hijacking, kidnap, wrongful detention, blackmail or extortion we can deploy on-the-ground specialists to:

  • negotiate your release
  • deal with law enforcement authorities
  • assist in investigations
  • support search and rescue efforts
  • evacuate you to a safe location

Student Defend members may also access to medical transportation and evacuation services. If you are hospitalised, we can arrange for medical evacuation (if needed) or for your family or friends to visit you in hospital overseas.

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